Licenses and Certifications


KDM Industries has integrated a comprehensive quality management system within our overarching management framework. This system encompasses the establishment, documentation, and execution of our quality policy and associated procedures, ensuring the provision of products and services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, while also adhering to the standards outlined in our API 6A, 5CT and Q1 licenses.

Aligned with the process-oriented methodology, we meticulously define and oversee process inputs, controls, and outputs to guarantee the desired outcomes. Moreover, we manage the interconnections between these processes to uphold system effectiveness.

We continuously monitor, evaluate, and analyze pertinent processes, taking proactive measures to achieve predetermined objectives and fostering the ongoing enhancement of our quality management system. Furthermore, any outsourced processes or activities are meticulously regulated in accordance with our quality management requirements.

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Certificate 6A-0966

Certificate Q1-0676

Certificate 5CT-1161