Management Commitment 

The managers of KDM Industries are committed to implementing and developing the quality management
system and this commitment is defined by the quality policy.
We ensure that our quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization through printed distribution of our quality policy statement and through periodic management review of the quality policy statement improvement objectives.

In addition, our quality policy and objectives are communicated and deployed throughout the business via individual performance objectives established and reviewed during employee performance reviews.
All managers demonstrate their commitment to the development and improvement of the quality management
system through the provision of necessary resources, through their involvement in the internal audit process and
through their proactive involvement in continual improvement activities. Emphasis is placed on improving both the
effectiveness and efficiency of key quality management system processes.



Customer Focus

KDM Industries  strives to identify current and future customer needs, to meet their requirements and to exceed all their expectations. Management ensures that the focus on improving customer satisfaction is maintained by setting and reviewing objectives related to customer satisfaction at management review meetings.
Management also ensures that customer requirements are understood and met. Customer requirements are understood, converted into internal quality requirements and communicated to appropriate personnel within the organization.
Customer complaints and other customer feedback is continually monitored and measured to identify opportunities
for improvement. We continually look for other ways to interact directly with individual customers to ensure a proper focus to their unique needs and expectations is established and maintained.